31. December 2013

Troubleshooting Dokku

I ran into some troubles while deploying my article about setting up InfluxDB and had to do a fair amount of spelunking to find what ended up being a really simple fix. This article aims to collect some pointers to avoid falling into this pit in the future.


30. December 2013

Setting up ZNC

I recently set up ZNC on my server, because having an irc bouncer is awesome! This article documents the process I went through to set that up (mostly for my own reference later).


29. December 2013

Setting up Influxdb

I wanted to get a place set up where I could store some quantified self data. Specifically my blood sugar results, insulin intake and the food I eat (with some nutritional info appended). We’ve been poking at using InfluxDB for a project at work, and I think it is a perfect fit for this use case. This article documents how I got that all set up.


12. December 2013

Moving to Dokku

I wanted to get a place set up where I could quickly deploy basically anything to a subdomain of ryanarana.com and a coworker of mine had the same thought, and he sent me to a gist that he wrote summarizing his setting up of Dokku on DigitalOcean.